I boosted the Vetex server

I boosted the Vetex server
I have completed the ritual
Take me daddy Vetex
For I am now a booster
My mind is boosted, did I misspell busted? Maybe.

Put me in the booster seat
And take my soul.

Betex will not answer your calls. Turn to our new deity, @Danny_Zou

            I shall move away from this unholy santuary
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vetex is secretly a protistute and his price is one server boost

I’ll gladly pay him another :heart_eyes:

waste of money boost it 10 times only then it’s worth it

My friend bought me nitro, I have nothing to lose by boosting the server

damn even my friend bought me nitro I wish I could get nitro by myself

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It was my birthday, and my friend didn’t know what to get me, so he asked if I wanted nitro.

I do have the money to buy it myself but honestly why? Lol

I’m not the one losing money :hungry:

especially vetex’s server since it’s already partnered and level 3 and gives no perms unless you are level 50. No point of boosting it (unless you want to assert superiority through purple role colour)

That was the point of the boost, gain clout through purple role color


Rake you’re getting the cyrostasis role

I think I’m gonna ping vetex
Sorry buddy

15 dollas down the drain for image perms in lvl 50 chat :frpensive: