I called it


oh no this is gonna be the new meta

I’ve been ridiculed, tormented, torn to bits by the magic I chose. Even though all these comments were thrown at me, I still went with light. Though it’s not perfect, Light finally has a use. Now, I can finally Rest In Peace knowing that the magic I chose in the first open test was worth it.

God Bless America :us: :us: :us: :frcryin:


im gonna be wandering around the open ocean fighting people who only know how to crystallize and blind

I can imagine it now

Big F

honestly im gonna go crystal + metal to avoid being called a metamancer lmao

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Open test light gang rise up

all it cost were a couple comrades KIA

rest in peace ink, gold, and my main paper…

Time for a crusade boys

Sorry to say this but

You are now certified metamancer

oh i know that

but crystal + metal isn’t the meta(l)

crystal + light is

you can crystallize the opponent and then barrage them with light until the crystal effect runs out
which is fairly effective, so i’ve heard

also having gemstones and minerals as two magics just fits

ok tbf, we don’t know shit until AO actually rekeases

It only shatters 1 crystal per hit, not all

Me using light magic felt like an exclusive for me, now everyone is going to be using it

not pog for me

same here :frpensive: i was one of the only PvP’ers that mained light lol

same for me with crystal lol



now im just waiting for some disco prism refraction/reflection shit for the synergy (if possible that they will ever add it tho :/) but I’ll still go for Crystal Light anyway because of one single reason:
it looks cool
and flashy


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