I don't know what to put in this title

It’s been so long since my last post so i’m just gonna put a bunch of drawing here, most of them are just face expressions and designs for a comic related to AU that i’m TRYING to make ( and struggling)

This is dike, i already made a post about him months ago, now i made more arts of him

Here are some expression sheets

Bye, for now.



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:fire: art

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Kinda wanna do some NSFW things to and with him. Congrats.

I really like the last pic, black/white with the gears and stuff looks nice.


Oh shit it’s Mr. Chrono Trigger!
Good to see you around again, and nice to see your progress! You’re doing real damn well.

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This piece is sublime <3

dike kinda be looking like a super saiyan + gojo + monkey king mashup ( no offense )

Super Saiyan Blind Man