I have nimble mino boots to trade, wut r ur offers?

Gib me good trade plz

uhhh 3k crowns?

got any boss drops?

or seasonals?


alr wut u got?

I also have 3k crowns to add

alright good to know i dont have to do that trade with you now

I’ll trade with u unless I get better deal

I’ll notify u if I cancel trade

Probably not gonna

ok ill turn off my reminder thx for letting me know

Turn off reminder for wut?

trade we doing

Oh if I don’t do a new trade by tmmrw trade is on

Your* are*

idk what to offer for that but im looking for a strong vastira and i have a nimble mino helmet, maybe u can get something good if u have a nimble mino set

Ok. Too bad my only boss drop is the nimble mino boots

Ok trade is on no one offered

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