I have no clue what gear to use

In theory, if I could obtain any gear rn, what should I use? Enchants would be helpful too. (I haven’t been on since the dark sea update)

whats ur build?

I’m a fire conjurer.

I might wanna reset tho, idk what builds are good post-dark sea.

me personally you should keep it bec you could have 150 magic 150 weapons next update

also if you didn’t know nimbus sea date is released

gear? use cernyx/elius, it’ll get you attack speed, agility, power, and defense
if possible use sunken warrior (the new sunken set added) instead of cernyx cause it gives more stats
usually you want at least 100 substats, so 100 attack speed and agility
for jewels use either morenci (pow/agi), candelaria (pow/spd), or lapis lazuli (agi/spd)
then for enchants you can just drop on powerful/armored scrolls, and brisk or agile if you still don’t have enough atkspeed or agility

don’t fully dedicate to this yet tho, as nimbus sea is dropping with new armors and things that will most likely shake up this meta

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Alright, ty.

Yeah, ik. That’s why I’m back.

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Also the economy is so much different. My pile of sunken iron stuff is worthless now :cry:

not you but aight
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still something more than regular stuff tho

I burnt too many seasonals on the si stuff

Also there are altantian arcspheres now?

yes there’s a modifier which you can put on anything to give it insanity

you kinda have to learn how it works tho

To think I was close to a headless in seasonals before vertex decided that I shouldn’t be even a mediocre-level trader.

Why would I want insanity on my gear?

there’s like a thing where it increases certain stats

ask someone else to explain it to you

So it gives more of a positive stat in exchange for insanity?

If I use sunken warrior set, should I use the helmet? (helms tend to be a bit bad from what I’ve seen)