I just found something, horrifying

You need 2 people to do this, just note that you may never look at WOM the same way again, have 1 person play dead, the other one do pushups on that person playing dead and, let’s just say, they have a good time


It’s better with meditate instead of pushups

What have you done…

Wait I meant meditate instead of dead lol

F boi with F girl taking relationship too far


You can do the same thing on corpses, yum!

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Yeah… let’s not remind me about that
Especiclly when they are really dead

and thus, necropa was born

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i knew it, vetex is adding breeding system secretly


this is why jesus died


He died so that we may sin, and so I shall.

[SEX] World of Magic

…oh no,

what have you done

i not wanted know that bro