I might make a guild

Ive been thinking of it for a while and i realized that i want to make a guild, i made this topic to ask people who have made successful guilds (doesn’t have to be infamy or pvp successful, just has to have a nice community that the leader is happy with) for tips on how to make a guild, and how to recruit people.

A lot of people hate me so im probably gonna be on like 43 guilds kos lists, but hey, lets see how it turns out


Pristine’s tips for making a semi-successful guild:

You’ll probably find your first and most dedicated members by sheer, dumb luck. Don’t be a dick to other guilds, and don’t start or spur on conflict without reason. Don’t reset or combat log, unless you’re outnumbered, it’s a really easy way to get people to hate you. You know what, scrap that last part, just don’t reset or combat log. Keep your guild interesting by hosting events, game nights, tournaments, etc.

That’s all I’ve got.


ok thanks

ok so best way to make a guild is uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


get cool members and alive community

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I’m very happy with my guild and like Pristine says, It’s very much dumb luck for members. I put a lot of time and energy into it for nearly a year now and a lot of people there have become my close friends. Put a large amount of effort and time into it and watch it grow, it may not happen overnight but if you’re serious about it you can make it work.

Well Pandemonium used to be owned by Jack but then he had to quit do to college issues so he almost nearly disbanded the whole thing where at his time it only had 80 people but when he purged it only had 33 afterwards then he made the guild master I really just went on the forums recruitment a lot or just checked out other guilds so I wouldn’t be bored reviving the one that the old GM nearly fucked


i remember clapping his ass in the early guild days

Yeh Jack

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yeah it feels weird seeing guilders you havent seen in months
like i saw a spellbreaker dude a few weeks back and we just talked a bit about AO

last time i saw jack was like 3-4 months ago i think and he left the server after a few seconds

If you want a very active community, start from the ground up. You don’t wanna go and ask your friends from other guilds to be the only people to join your guild (although they are a key piece in achieving success and activity as well). Recruit random level 90’s, and try to train them of course but they will be key characters in your community regardless of pvp skill. Literally the reason my guild averages 4.5k messages a day is because we recruited random people and invited them to the discord. Like Jaxxzy and Pristine said, dumb luck. From my experience, only 1 of 5 members I recruit are actually ever active and only like 5 I have been able to train to be good at pvp.

Just don’t do stupid stuff. Make a good name for yourself.

Prove yourself and then find notable alliances, branch out. Some of our most active members were guests from an ally’s server who randomly felt inclined to join us.

That’s all I’ve got for you, good luck if you make that guild.