I need help for my files

So I’ll be making 12 files, one of each stat build (11) + my main/OC, I’ll add more later maybe the current list rn is :
Main/OC = Warlock 60/40 Shadow, Darkness and Lycantrophy
Warlock = 40/60 Blood themed, Glass, Sacrifice and Vampirism
Conjurer = 40/60 Metal, Slash, Claws, Dual Swords and Rapier
Warlord = ?
Mage = 100% Fire, Phoenix and Darkflame
Warrior = 100% Sword, Rapier and Dual Swords
Berserker = 100% Thermo Fist, Sailor’s Fist and ?
Warden = 100%
Paladin = 60/40 Water and Life
Juggernaut = ?
Knight = Sword, Shield and ? Exiled Theme
Savant = ?

So I need inspiration help for my Warlord, my Juggernaut and my Savant

they all use shadow magic

All my files can’t be edgegods


Juggernaut Boxing

30/30/30/10 (vitality is 10) Savant Knocking Fist Lightning Rapier

Warlord One-Man Army Cannon Fist Greatsword/axe and firearms

Some ideas ig

60/40 sure but which stat is which, you never say even

Also iron leg on you Warlord because heavy weapons and metal sounds neat