I need help with somethin

what a good way to choose my career

  • Electronics engineering
  • Mechatronics engineering

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bro how old are you?

im 16 but since ive seen people taking that seriously im not a middle aged mf

i feel bad

nah but fr i just need some opinions and points of view about both careers :nod:

they’re both boring

robots go like brrr

I kinda don’t have a clue what I want to do ;-;

I’m sadly the type of person to take 7 minutes to choose one ice cream flavor out of around 20. There’s just so many choices and so many flavors that I can’t possibly decide on one in that moment. Picking a job that I’m going to do for basically the rest of my life (possibly until retirement) is a hard decision to make and it’s such an ordeal to choose for me.

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I was gonna be a Electronics Maintenance Technician for the Marines before leaving so ig I’m biased towards the shocky one.

Why are you asking a roblox game forum on a possibly life affecting choice?


The engineer

imagine engineer, chef better tbh

electricity go brr

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