I need help

since people in vecord have a collective amount of 0.5 braincells atm can you guys help? how many strong oaths would make this fair ( on my end) Me: ? strong oaths + keen sunken chest and clean sunken boots for a hard sunken sword

All of them. You need to go around and get every strong oath.

so just get a clean sunken chest?

vetcord always has a constant value of 0.5 braincells why would you ask people there

How about this? I’ll take your offer if you add a hard sunken sword to the pot. You give me a hard sunken sword, keen sunken chest, and clean sunken boots, and I’ll give you a hard sunken sword.


Sounds fair enough

Fax :fax:

if they even answer your question since they’re too busy talking about sniffing vetex feet or sum

like probably 50 oaths

id say about 2 or 3 since youre already offering a clean sunken + a bad enchant sunken
having a fair offer wont guarantee you getting the trade tho so keep that in mind

hmm let me get the milk brb

true true

hmm yes ok

wat? a bad sunken chest and a clean sunken now with 3 oaths can get a sunken sword? i mean its probably fair in value but no one would take the trade

ye cuz its a hard sunken sword


dang, i thought sunken sword value would be higher…

you can argue thats its a small underpay with those 2-3 strong oaths but until ao releases or is close to its release hard ss’ value wont change much if at all

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