I need help

So a couple days ago I made a prologue to a story im going to write, and I didn’t agree with the last name of the protagonist.

Which one of these should be my protagonist’s full name?

  • Raven Icesea (The original name)
  • Raven Seafrost
  • Raven Frostbird
  • Raven Bluefrost
  • Raven Whitesea
  • Raven Frostsea
  • Raven Icebird
  • Raven Bluebird
  • Raven Bluesea

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I’ll go until 20 votes

Bluebird… Abatalitala kotola wa itobita

I voted seaftost

I chose raven bluebirb

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Pretty raven.


Do you know how to make a vote thing

Since you weren’t on yet and anyone else who didn’t read it.

So you know how to make the vote thing


Nvm found it


Made it