I need to see a wood sailor fist warlock

I’ve seen everything but a wood sailor fist. I need to see how the wood looks with water. Send pictures please can’t be assed to reset or make a new slot

I need to see it before I die raaaaahhh

There was this one guy in Elysium running a wood warlock and he was good with it. Also, there was this guy from like a year ago who had the username “WoodWarlock” and they always run thermofist.

Wood thermo is pretty common, rn I’ve NEVER seen a wood sailor style.

Given how wood isn’t really the best choice for warlocks they’re rare, but sailor fist wood is probably rarer

Oh, whoops yea haven’t seen one of those

Poison Sailor, no way have you seen those before? :skull:

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Nvm I was making stuff up, freezing has a 90% negative synergy with poisoned, so yea where my poison ice mages

actually i think the guy that killed me was a poison sailor couldn’t remember his name tho.

Try using the secret family technique next time

your own magics don’t have negative synergies with each other

Oh, interesting.

Oh I actually used that one time on my poison save!

It was themed around red tides, which are basically massive algae blooms that can be harmful to things living in the ocean.

it was actually pretty decent, obviously there was no apparent synergy but it kinda worked

nowadays I typically run wind + thermo though, my poison warlock is now a poison mage.

hmm ive never seen one too lmao (im not active here anymore so idk rlly)

I’m actually going to try building a character like that so i guess stick around to find out, or not.