I need vilain ideas

alright so i’m still working on that story i’ve talked about a bit on the discord. i have most of the characters, most of the plot. but there’s 2 problems: 1-i have a main antagonist but i don’t have the minor ones. 2-the main characters aren’t overpowered but still very powerful so i need minor antagonist ideas that are powerful, these guys, story wise, don’t have any relation with the main vilain, i also need a short background story for them


“You good?”

“No! I just got…shot?”

A character with the power to “erase” time in small amounts.

dunno about name or backstory tho

~Phoenix Boons~
A retired bank robber, with trillions of dollars. Known for ditching his “partners” at the last second of his robberies, taking the money for himself.
However, even if they managed to stop him from getting away, they wouldn’t even have a second to breath once faced with his ability…

The ability takes the form of an ALFA Combat 9mm, or a Bolt Action Rifle(depends on the situation). Instead of bullets, it shoots bolts of lightning.
These bolts of lightning deal a ton of damage on their own(however its much, much lesser than how it would be if you got hit by a real bolt of lightning), but it’s their second ability that is truly horrifying!
Thunderstruck also has a “cooldown”. Like any other gun, Phoenix has to reload each shot.

For this to occur, he has to say "THUNDERSTRU-UCK!
The “second bolt”. After being hit with the gun, the enemies will face EXTREME unluckiness for 2 minutes. Anything that could have gone wrong in those two minutes, ABSOLUTELY will go wrong.
However, it won’t affect Phoenix. For example: Phoenix shoots you with his ability while its raining. You would most likely get hit by another lightning bolt, and if you aren’t dead from that, it may just so happen that there’s a huge plane falling down overhead.
This only effects for two minutes. It’s also possible to survive by avoiding the bad occurrences happening to you, and Phoenix can be damaged by those affected by Second Bolt.

ngl this gives me final destination flashbacks

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thats a lowkey interesting concept, i’d change alot of things tho to be more story accurate and all.
thanks for the idea

Some dude with plastic manipulation maybe idk

army of toys

What’s the world and power system first

Yeah, I feel like you should also tell us what’s going on in your stories world before making a topic like this.

You shouldn’t assume people already know about your story. Maybe give us a summary? Tell us if there’s a power system?

i’d have to makes multiple posts for that :sob::sob:

some kid who moves very, very, very, very fast

and only cares about that

feel free to add in some speed mguffin that the kid wants to get but the heroes try to stop

already have a protagonist that is very similar