I need writing tips

I’ve been trying to write stuff but I have a problem, I can’t seem to stick one POV, sometimes it’s 3rd person sometimes it’s 1st person but it always switches, mostly because I can’t really describe things well, is there any tips anyone has to help this?

Whenever thinking of 1st or 3rd Person, just think of your Roblox character. If you were to write something in 3rd Person, think of it as if your character perspective was in 3rd person and vice verse with 1st Person. It’s also good to proof-read.

2nd Person is just a lonely boi and is only really used for instructions, poor 2nd Person :frcryin:


I don’t like second person too much so I probably won’t ever use it

2nd person is literally just used for reader x character fanfics lmfao

going on wattpad was a mistake


not really writing tips for your current problem but i still have writing tips
use a thesaurus
ok thats all

Okay, I will eat a thesaurus

2nd person is a roleplayer’s wet dream

majke sure to miseplel a lot it makes the funny

Ooak thkans taht rellay hepled

just stick to third person for the juicy descriptions

Is it possible to mix first and third in a way that’s smooth and makes sense?

well it depends, there’s the omniscient third person and limited third person.

omniscient just means you know everything that’s happening and you say it in third person. but in limited third person, it’s just third person POV with you only knowing the feelings of a single character.

Grammarly genuinely helps a lot. I only use the free version but if anything comes up as “yellow” (meaning I have to pay for Grammarly premium) I just keep re-writing the sentence until it goes away. You can make expert-level paragraphs.

Double-click on a word and you have automatic synonyms too.

I use grammarly with google docs, but yes it does help, I’d much rather have premium but eh, I’ll just use a thesaurus and grammarly

Similar to what Comrade @StarForDays said, when you write in 1st person, imagine yourself physically as the person you’re writing about. Let’s say if Harry Potter was actually written in 1st person: Rowling would’ve made it crystal-clear that the reader is sensing and interacting with the world from Harry’s perspective. You understand almost everything about the character: their feelings, emotions, pains, and actions. When a character battles a dragon, write as if you were battling the dragon instead.

On the contrary, 3rd person is more for the analytical stuff, and comes in two variations: I call them Open World, and Emphasized. Open World is as if you’re an observer who is giving an account of the story. It’s more as a sports announcer, detailing everyone and everything in the field. In my opinion, it’s slightly more difficult since you have to keep track of all the characters simultaneously. Emphasized, on the other hand, is more of a blend of Open World 3rd Person and 1st Person. Although you still narrate the story from outside of anyone’s perspective (such as the aforementioned sports announcer), you try to train your focus on a single character (such as following an MVP of the team as they try to score points).

A good example of Emphasized 3rd Person may be Jack from Magic Tree House, or Harry Potter from, well, Harry Potter. You’re not thrown into the shoes of the character, but you still get to find out what’s going on inside their heads. Open World is more like giving a history documentary as if the viewer has a bird’s-eye view of a war or battle.

These are from my personal observations as a self-taught writer, so don’t expect them to work all the time

A simple tip I tell everyone, show don’t tell. Instead of telling the reader things like this guy is good, this guy is evil, I have this power, he can do that, show it. Show their actions, their abilities, their personality. If people want to belive something, they need to see it. Otherwise, what’s the point?