I Quit The Forum

Im sorry to say this, but im leaving the forum.
Due to personal reasons, i will have to leave the forum for good.
It was good to have so many memories with you guys, i hope you remember me until the end of time.



we do a little trolling

Tomorrow, my subscription feed on YouTube is going to be filled with videos just like this topic.



Welp, time to break your kneecaps so that you’ll never need to leave the forums.

I don’t need kneecaps to ctrl+W

no thiws cawn’t be~
he cawn’t gow off of the fowums~
now who’s gonna be the towtuwe victim whewn i take ovew taitc’s account fuwwy

I forgot it was April Fools already, I’m very vulnerable to trolling today

Stop trolling.
We all know you never existed in the first place.

How can you leave something you was never a part of?

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what in the bloody hell was this necro for bruv?

mad disrespectful, innit?

Its srtolertus old account

You say to me last time why I necro-bumped even tho it was kinda on topic
and after a while you necrobump with the most unneeded post I’ve seen :skull:

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this is also kind of on topic