I think ash should do exponential damage

Normaly when people breath ash or smoke they start to suficate quite quickly. So shouldn’t ash be stronger but not as thick?
Do you think this is right or wrong?

  • I dislike it or that it is unfair
  • I am unsure
  • I like it

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What do you think ash clouds are…

Lol Ash clouds do that.

I think ash clouds are the gas that is made when something is burning.

No that’s called smoke… These are called ash clouds. Ash clouds and smoke are normally hand in hand because they’re both started by fire/magma burning something but in this game it’s literally just ash clouds.

Also Ash clouds are part of smoke.

But breathing ash shouldn’t it be worse?

Why would it? You realized smoke is literally made of ash and soot right?

And it already does insane damage for clouds.

It is just that my friend thinks ash is bad because it does low damage and is easy to avoid. Though i do not really think that.

BRO he’s dumb, Ash is an S tier magic rn.

(Why does everyone claim their magic is bad whenever they have an extremely good magic)

Bro I main Ash and it is not bad AT ALL. Half the time I blast someone and they try to counter they don’t realize they are sitting in a cloud of ash until they have fired their blasts back at me. The longer the fight goes on the better I get.

pls don’t get Ash nerfed, it’s actually good for once

I can assure that you if you were to breathe in poison gas then you’d die way faster



I think it should just deal less damage but way faster

kind of like this but slower maybe:

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do you understand what exponential means

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mmmyes 10000 dmg

Not sure what ur trying to say

Exponential damage would be an exponential growth of damage that could lead to instakill numbers.

Let’s say you make a massive cloud engulfing some boss or something. It would be super easy for you to kill a boss making boss fights super boring. Ash and Poison would completely dominate in high levels as the damage grows way faster. In order to balance it, you would need to change how levels work and how health works.

I do know what it means.
y = x²
X is time and Y is damage.
But it would be too strong if this would be implemented so probably it should be capped to level.

Exponential damage is almost never a good idea, especially if nothing else scales like it.