I think I have a slight addiction to the forum

Even without a my computer I’m still active. Eh nobody will care anyway, but imma post it still lmfao

who r u?

is this an opportunity to flex?

Don’t we all?

Tip touch grass

you don’t fucking say

Haha, this is a week

I’m beating everyone in posts read pretty much always other than the past year (I’ve read 40k+ posts in the past 3 months beating uvadin ez)


Got more attention then my update wtf?

no your not

But I am!

No idea where you found that many, but you namedropped me so I must now reply.

Congratz, I guess

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I don’t know either but I spend excessively long amounts of time reading the forum and old posts and every new latest post as a mummy

Old posts might explain it, but it’s a lot either way.
I also don’t know where I got them, I probably read all of the latest ones some day 1 and a half years ago (damn I feel old now) and then continued to read every new one. After some time I started being annoyed by the bright white letters so now I just read all of them.

Kinda same, whenever I see an unread in latest my ape brain neurons activate and I just click on them all, I also often open up 300 different tabs for unreads or new posts, reading old topics is just the cherry on top tbh.

i havent seen grass in 2 months…
not because i have no life, just because it keeps snowing.
well i dont have a life, but thats why i havent seen grass

I was about to go screenshot one of them white circle and caption it with something like “public enemy number one”, but there were none available :frsleepin:

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Lmao let’s just pretend you did it in spirit, though you have it wrong, I didn’t mean unreads as in the actual feature, I track 0 topics I just find it super annoying, that white text tho… :eye:

I meant the little white one for new topics, but we understood each other.
The only thing I don’t understand is the 300 tabs, thats just straight up blasphemy.

Well 300 is an exaggeration, but it’s common for me to have 3-5 (sometimes double that) tabs open for different topics, it increases way more if I check the forum after sleeping, and if I were on pc even more