I think some magics do some more damage

hey!!! welcome, today i’m gonna talk about how the game should have more balanced magics: Thunder, , Acid, Magma and Explosion, Ink, Bedrock are the most powerful magics, and then they are the normal ones, water, fire, wood, paper, glass etc… but there is a low one in my opinion: Light i’m a light wizard and i do little damage in my training with my guild, i would want a bit more damage for some magics, i think all magics are great, but a bit more damage wouldn’t be much! tell me what you think of these and what magics should be buffed or nerfed!!!

You might want to take a look at this for every magics’ exact damage.

thx, i’ll read it later, thx for the info

Light does the least damage out of all the magics. . .

i was a noob when i discovered W.o.M sadly i chose the lowest one, that’s why i want a buff

I mean there’s no point in asking for a buff, especially when it was just nerfed.

And there’s plenty of light user that can dominate in pvp.

yeah, i think my problem here is: my random enchantments suck, thx for responding and letting me know!!

Is this guide entirely accurate? I’ve seen Magma doing 20% damage against bleeding on the Trello, but on the guide it says 60%.

Magma doing 60% is in the current game and 20% is in the next update.

Thank you

There is none, use whatever you see fit. If there is ever a point where one magic is much stronger than all the rest, it will be rebalanced. The goal is for all magic’s to be equal, and have slight differences from each other. this was said by Vetex, light doesn’t have slight diferences like Ink

What’s your point?

dudes complaining about light being bad lol,
light is good, just get a good build and get some practice aiming and you’ll do great, in pvp the blind is asinine to deal with if your against someone who can aim well

ummmm, yea light does like the least dmg lmao

thx, your actually right :sweat_smile: though i have a guild and really good one that have helped me in defense and PvP, the others on my guild are like me level 80 but they have double of protection, double of power, and double of everything, i just feel left out for having such a bad gear and a a bit weaker power, my aim is good, really, but they also have double agility and speed, so my aim are like if i was running from bandit’s arrows, i like the blindness of my magic, isn’t enough, the thing i wanted to say is that i wanted to be on pair with my teammates, but when i do an upgrade, they are still really high up, good thing they help me, but when i go bandit hunting they take most of the kills and they just for making me feel better they give me one, they are so kind, also my hometown isn’t the best for getting gear, Bell Ville sucks at gear, i wanna be balanced with the good magics :<

Sigh… I think you may just be inexperienced at the game. All magics are pretty good. There’s no need to change anything, expect for maybe shadow.

why shadow? i though it was good?

hate to say it but shadow is just a worse light honestly, maybe eventually magics like shadow and earth will get more unique effects but for now they’re basically just placeholders

i guess your right, my light looks cool and all, btw i’m giving it more power, but i guess shadow its bad?

Shadow is basically just light, but its a little bit stronger and a little slower.

Shadow and light have very few interactions; This doesn’t make them bad, they have really solid base stats in return.