I tried drawing again

Andy, a fisherman and archer who ran away from the Jaw Pirates.

Lukas, hails from a family of alchemists, who lost vision along with her left arm in a brutal attack.

Turned out terribly, but feedback is accepted. Sorry if you can’t see the pictures well. B)

Also, Lukas has a magic left arm to make up for not having a real one, that’s not blood haha


its you so its automatically a delta 9/average gabber song
which is a very good thing

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I can’t like your post for another 46 minutes…

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i cant like your posts until an hour passes by
im still trying to give you 1k likes in total
thats my goal in life

Good grief…

If that’s really your goal, and I can’t stop you, I wish you good luck

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do you want me to give you 1.5k instead

Screenshot 2021-02-26 at 5.33.07 PM

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im gonna give you 1.5k then

Honestly man you should give likes to other people, not just me, it makes me feel bad

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yeah yeah but
i cant stop now can i
its too late to stop just like my addiction to cocaine

Of course you can

In fact I encourage you

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how about no

I appreciate all the likes but it makes me feel guilty more than it makes me feel happy

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why would it make you feel guilty lmao
pretty fucking dumb ngl because its just internet points
not like it really matters anyway

You can keep going I guess

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So we’re not gonna talk about this?

He’s joking…

Or is he? Vsauce music plays

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