I want a headless i have like a lot items

i got a defense sunken chest a clean one and some clean sunken pants I aslo have a hard sunken sword and sunken helments


Goodluck on your trading adventure, nobody on the forum likes trading Headlesses now

dont think this is enough, i gave a strong sunken sword and hard sunken helmet and that was a really good deal for me, you’ll probably have to give more.

Id say like 3 clean ss might get u one

this is more than enough to get one in game but people on here have a lot higher standards for offers on headless heads so your best bet is to look for people in game (you probably only need like half of this for an in game trade, he’ll even just 1 or 2 sunkens could probably convince some people)

shit glad i already got 4

problem is you’re not gonna find any1 in-game with a headless and if you do 9/10 they overprice headless or unwilling to sell since they only have one.

man so long as the offer isnt complete dog shit let it at least rock for a day or two come on now

I wouldn’t even accept it at this point, no body in-game wants to trade headlesses anymore


They know its value

3 is a good trade but tbh same cant get a good return with it anymore

Nobody trades headless anymore, it’d be hard to get another kne

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