I want an oath

i have 2500 cash one power amulet with defense on it and a wizard pants with power on it for a clean oath or a power one might add more if its a strong oath

yea i know

want an oath, grammar.

huh what you mean and why do you care

The title. The “a” should be “an” since the word after it starts with a vowel. Why do I care? Not sure, I just seen it and thought I’d notify you.

why care about that, when you didn’t pay attention to the terrible offer this guy presented


fuck you mean bro I’m giving my strong oath to him this a good deal

lol thats funny

and btw i got the strong oath for this offer some one in my game had it so i send a trade to him and he gave it to me what a nice guy right. unlike some people

people in-game dont know the values and can easily be scammed
ik drama didnt come off nice but your offer really wasnt worth an oath or even a strong oath

oh i forgot to say in this post i also adding a heavy woj i forgot to say that oof

oh nvm then its a pretty good trade


complete sentece

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