I want to Improve my loadout!

I find myself get killed in pvp do to my lack of health. Now I want to trade my current items to get myself more health centered items. I also don’t know what enchants I should use on my weapons. Any help would be great. My goal is like 70 power/400 health. So what items should I get?

hard wizard robes/pants, hard defense amulet dull, hard power amulet dull, hard/strong power amulet poor

Ok ty Ill try to get some trades for those items. What about weapon enchants?

strong everything except hard for shield

Wouldn’t a wizard hat work better than a bracelet?

Mine’s pretty balance, If you like it use it. I dunno how good it is in PVP though

i go with

  • hard wizard shirt
  • hard defense amulet dull
  • strong power amulet dull
  • strong power amulet poor
  • strong wizard pants

i like to do more damage while also being a bit beefy. i think it’s probably better to do hard wizard pants but i like to do more damage

strong wizard shirt
hard wizard pants
hard dull power amulet
hard dull defense amulet
strong poor power amulet

right now, the wizard hat is weaker than a poor power amulet for some reason so dont use it lol

you can change up the enchantments as long as the poor power amulet is strong and there’s 3 hard enchantments and 1 strong

I’d put either hard or strong on that dull power amulet.

Also, I’d do either a hard or strong dull defense amulet instead of the hard wizard hat, but that is more of a preference.

Yeah I know, I was working on that when i sent the screenshot, I got it now though