I wanted to see my face in the leaderboards and now I am hunted by the mafia

Have you seen the leaderboard?
Of course you have and so have I!

Even if I played this game for hundreds of hours on multiple characters I never actually reached the leaderboards.
It was in my bucket list to see one of my characters there at least once.

Well leaderboards, they are not exactly hero leaderboards.
The heroes leaderboard actually is a assassin contract hit list of the world most famous heroes but surely because I am in that list I wont get hunt too often right?

If I have not tried getting to the leaderboards before was simply because the required renown to get there was insane.
That and PvP was out of my league for the longest time.
I am amazed the reflexes some people I seen had considering the games control scheme.

But recently I saw the required renown to reach the leaderboards was considerably low.
Apparently there is a renown reset going on which I don’t understand too well how it works but means common folk like me can reach that list!

I was still bad at PvP so I tried thinking which of my characters was the most fit for the job.
Then the idea hit me.
What if I reach there WITHOUT hurting anyone?
A 0 player kill run is perfectly plausible when 600k is the entry level. I just wanted to reach the bottom level after all no way I am getting higher than that.

And so I went for it.
I picked Brittany Harper.
1 I had no kills with her so the achievement was possible to begin with.
2 Rather than a fighting build she is more of a escape artist. So she can gain fame while also avoiding losses.
3 She looks friendly and I liked her face on a poster.

A LOT of hunting nimbus sea bounties and I am at 500k.
Then I got hunted successfully for the first time.
Lets just say that even if I had hundreds of hours in the game I only knew about casual play.
I did not know hunters can literally just type your username and hunt you instantly on whatever server you swap into. And I was mostly unaware that when a hunter is nearby it locks you into combat for a while so long you are near them.
That will definitely not be a problem later on.

Well I was about to reach the top 100 but it was friday night. I though a renown reset was coming and I had just tricked a 700k assassin coming for me in the bronze sea, his ship now resting in the bottom of the ocean.
While I was victorious I was stressed.
I gave up and went to sleep.

Turns out the next day many of the leaderboards had their renown reset.
but NOT Brittany. I was somehow 1 step short from Guardian of the Seas!
And so I went for it!
I even get a cool shield emblem in my name for being a guardian!
(even though I guard the seas as much as your average cat)

This is two pictures I took sometime later when I was at peace.

It took less than an hour for things to not be so happy anymore.

Lets just say that being all the way up there drags a lot of attention.

And maybe its the friendly face that does catch some attention. Probably its the title that drags more attention.

But well…

Before the leaderboards life was chill and occasionally someone with a high bounty would pop up.


Now the average time is 30 or 20 minutes until I am getting hunted.

Sometimes less than 5 minutes since I log it.

Dont get me wrong I am not bird brain I knew 100% I was getting hunted being in the top 100.
I did not expect however to be hunted consistently and in an organized way.

At this point what is getting me amused with hunters is doing a bait and switch and probably many more before me have tried it.
As soon as I see someone slightly suspicious entering the server with more bounty than the rest of the server combined I finish what I am doing, log Brittany off and then I start playing right away in another server with a different character.
About 10 out of 10 times the suspicious individual will appear and I would try to chat with them and more often than not they would just banish right away.

The next day I was getting hunted as usual.
He managed to get his ship next to mine but managed to evade him as usual.
I logged off as soon as I was safe as usual.
And I swapped as usual just to see him chase me and send a hello.
What was NOT usual was that not him alone but him and a SECOND guy also with about the same bounty logged together. They both left without a word within 20 seconds.
This disturbed me because they also belonged to different clans. Which means that for this to happen it either was a titanic coincidence and the second guy logged in and out for no reason at the exact same time as my original hunter or the players going for the leader boards are A LOT more organized and hardcore that what I originally expected for a Roblox game. They had to be using some proper communication system to actually coordinate so quickly.

Also remember how I said most people did not reply when I messaged them after swapping?
Some did!
And I did not like what I found out about who they are.
Lets say my interactions ranged from edgy but alright to downright toxic.

I no longer see just a PvPer when I look at the top bounties I feel biased to think they are more likely than not to be unsavory individuals.
Why not the renown leaderboard as well. Why would they be any better people than the supposed villians of the seas?

Someone must be reading this and rolling their eyes like I discovered something they knew long time ago.
But I feel bad for anyone out there with the same child-like dream of being special and seeing their face in the top heroes poster and now I realize the kind of special I got is the same as being the only girl at an anime convention.

I pretty much cannot log in and expect peace.
The last time I entered I wanted to log in just to check if the reflex dodge of water magic was better than ice and not five minutes later a hunter appears.
After the usual swap I managed to chat a little with the individual and the conversation was rather average. He made fun of me for filling the leaderboards without wanting to fight others but he also suggested I let him kill me and then he would leave me alone. Charming.

So what now?

Do as he said and let him kill me? Maybe ask for coins in exchange for a kill?
At first I thought about it and then went for keeping my pride intact. I refuse to give these people any satisfaction whatsoever.

Reset my fame?
Maybe. But I still like seeing that face in the poster. Its giving up on the dream.

Not logging in and using other characters?
I could depending how I feel but that sounds boring.
I plan to log in eventually. In the meantime I been trying Dark and Darker cool free game on steam.
Its just that I no longer get in the game to explore casually with a badge of hero now its a game of cat and mice with a badge of hero. I need to be ready for a somewhat stressful game of being in constant alert.

For some final comments I been looking a little around the subject of bounty hunters and there even is a post about wanting to get a bot that automatically pings you when one of the leaderboard players logs into the game.
There appear to not be such thing but the fact the question even exists shows the kind of people that will come for you. Its 24/7 stalking.
Again probably something many of you knew but once again I feel sorry for anyone who thought it would be cool to be top 100.

Final comment is that these hunters are in another league entirely when it comes to game skill.
Both in reflexes and items they use they are on another level.
I am glad I chose a pacifist character because to anyone in my skill bracket that is being chased by one of the top bounty players all I can say is good luck.

So yeah moral of the story is the classic careful with what you wish for.

That is about it. Now when I play with Brittany its a completely different game hoping to not end in a mafia body bag. I hope the story was amusing.


You are the third person I know of to get on the leaderboard without pvp, first being myself (pictured here) and the second I don’t remember who but I saw a post about it. It’s nice to see people still doing it.

I too did your strategy of leaving whenever someone with high bounty joined, but I did once do it too hastily and accidentally combat logged, so I had to get back onto the leaderboard again. As proud as I am of that, I am also proud that I managed to get on the leaderboard 3 days after the game released, when there were over 50k players.

Good luck to you, and I hope you don’t run into a specific former assassin cardinal.

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mad respect for doing that pve grind (agony), and welcome to the world of pvp infamy and renown grind :+1:

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Oh yeah getting into the leaderboards 3 days after release is a massive achievement you should be proud of that!

And 1 million renown as well!
I had it easy especially with the npc bounties giving up to 6k at a time.

I also agree to hope I dont run into someone that makes the other hunters I meet seem nice in comparison.

Thank you for acknowledging my grind (agony)!

To be fair it was 20k fame, then I accidentally combat logged and was no longer on the leaderboard.

Yeah combat logging can be annoying at this point I always log out from the in game menu even when there is nothing going on

I tip my hat off to you sir, Carry pve team to the win!! :fist:

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He wouldn’t have.
Leaderboard players are exempt from the witch hunting rule, so they can join and kill you as many times as they want untill your no longer on the leaderboard, or no longer using that file.

I’m never going up the leaderboard then😭
I got chased through servers once and I had nervous the rest of the day. Getting chased 5 minutes into joining is crazy work

Ohhhh damn of course makes perfect sense there would be no honor considering the type of individuals I have met.

Oh yeah its the worst feeling especially the first times.
I forgot the last time I got so stressed in a game.

It stops feeling so bad later on but it never stops being stressful.

this is why i always reset my renown whenever it starts getting too high

its not like id be hunted this relentlessly over 20k bounty but the fact its so easy and so encouraged to hunt people like that pushes me away from amassing any significant renown
id like to get a lot of renown because i wanna be a pirate and whatnot but its been turned into a huge pvp thing (i dont like this games pvp)

i mean you have zero player kills as a guardian on the sea people are definitely seeing u as an easy target

Yeah and I am sure many more would like to be a big shot and be in that leaderboard.

But the hunting is WAY too constant I did not know what I was getting into!

Well… logically you achieved what you wanted. You are special at being leaderboard player with 0 player kills. Just record it, get some popularity. Then either reset fame or get a strong friends, who will save you in hard situation.

(Bruh, maybe I just repeated half of your words, but atleast I can recommend you to save your fame by getting strong friends. Its won’t make your life peaceful, but you will have a chance to keep your fame without logging everytime).

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Yeah they probably dont know that until they see me then they realize I am free estate.

What I do wonder is if they actually remember me. If they fail to catch me do they keep me in a watch list and come back for me later? I might find out later.

Oh yeah friends can help me but the attacks are way too constant I would need a bodyguard that I can count for 24/7. Let alone the fact these hunters are elite they clearly know their way around.

For now I will keep thinking in ways to escaping rather than defending myself.

Btw, try doing Dark Sea runs, they are really great option to get isolated from public and relax a bit. Until you are able to play with friends somewhere.

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So long they don’t wait until I get out of the dark seas.
I doubt they are that persistent.