I went overboard with one of my character's powers

A new analogy:
life magic → chemical magic because life can produce chemicals
life magic → lightning magic because many animals including humans can generate electricity and rely on it to survive

The best way to nerf the character is to stick to the life magic that was on the trello. If you want to instead define life magic as “magic that can create and manipulate life” then even that wouldn’t extend to chemical magic

I have no idea what to do now

I can give you some ideas for things she could do with healing that don’t require anything else but the ability to heal

i guess i would like

idk if i should give life magic lightning magic, theres already a lightning element in the story

what should life magic have (chemical/lightning)
  • Chemical Magic Only
  • Chemical Magic + Lightning Magic
  • None

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just let her heal stuff man idk you didnt even listen to my idea at the start :frcryin:

OR just take away chemical magic, which, in turn, would get rid of system disruption, disease manipulation, memory manipulation and emotion manipulation (since they are all pretty much subclasses of chemical magic) and you could keep resurrection as long as its for a very important moment in the story

  • Train strength and/or weapons faster. In WoM and AA, health can be used as a substitute for stamina when the user is trying to do something they don’t have enough stamina for. If she is able to replenish her health or other peoples’ quickly, then she can allow herself or them to train longer and more intensely than their stamina would normally enable them to
  • Temporarily survive high insanity

Highly speculative:

  • Drink an invisibility potion, then carve a weapon out of your bones and regrow them. You may have a temporarily invisible weapon
  • If magic pollution is caused by magic, then healing yourself repeatedly might eventually cause magic pollution to accumulate in you
  • You might be able to choose what parts to heal and what parts not to heal. For example, if you got shipwrecked, and also lost most of your body, if you wanted to make yourself more buoyant in the water, you might be able to regenerate the lighter parts and essentials (fat, brain, heart, lungs) without regenerating the heavier non-essentials (surplus muscle, most bones)

i might keep chemical magic limited: can only manipulate preexisting

disease manipulation: she needs to take a disease (only works if caused by a pathogen) from someone
resurrection: the person mustve died under ~2 minutes ago or she cant resurrect
no system disruption?

ok whatever