I will make you a bossfight with 3 stages of difficulty

simple title, I can make you a bossfight based on your pfp or OC



okay then:

the duke of eternal winter, VS Fang the reaper

shadows of frozen vengeance, VS Fang V2

eternal dark, eternal verglas, VS Fang requiem

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By the way Cryonical isn’t the guy in my profile picture, that’s Fang.

Really there’s not much to know about Cryonical (he’s one of my OCs by the way) in lore except they look like my avatar but not floating and with a more ripped up cape, glowing white/blue eyes (haven’t decided yet) and dark markings coming from the eyes. Also, Cryokinesis

(I am legally not allowed to change my pfp to the crown because tobi drew my current profile picture)

so thats the name lol

bruh I forgot ur OC name so i was like “okay I’ll just use cryonical lol”

I’ll edit it

You can definitely use Cryonical if you want, also are you using Arcane Universe Fang or Fang outside of that, since there’s two versions of him

wouldve worked better with my old pfp but goodluck making a regular rowboat dangerous

watch me:


actually, I can’t really think of anything for a boat with no people in it

me :slight_smile:


you don’t even need 3 stages you’re like a god at the first one

the universe in one punchline, driving force of energy incarnate, VS peter griffin at 1%

My main oc is Camreeyan, the guy in my pfp. Come to think of it I never gave him any story, other than the fact that he likes to pummel small children. He carries around an electric/cyber katana, but never actually uses it. Instead he just pulls out a fucking gun if he ever gets into trouble.

my roblox avatar is probably the best representation I have:

based tbh

the rebel, VS Camreeyan

ruthless gunslinger, VS Camreeyan V2

final showdown on the storm’s peak, VS rogue mercenary Camreeyan

hell yea

he look like a CTD unit with the recolor gamepass

idk 2 avatars i have

you gon have to figure me out without an avatar

we’ll split them:

funny cone man haha

Traffic bender, VS the cone nuisance

Hazardous orange, VS the cone duelist

warden of order, VS the sacred prophet of cones

fart gas mask man

cloaked opponent, VS the anti-liberator

a heated battle, VS the immolator

Apollyon rains, VS the eternal furnace

VS weird monochrome tonk thing ahh scary pew pew

that’s it.

I’m sorry lol

you know what Ill take it chap, ty