Ice is deadly

I do not like ice.

Ice is cool though but like

My god cold blooded

@Cryonical get this man

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@Cryonical Sic im’

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This entire ordeal makes me very upset.


mod abuse

As a member of the ice magic people with a fake deity who was once a traitor but is actually a chaotic ice proxy/tester.
I also find this entire thing quite outrageous.

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i used to ice but now i mud

You must not disrespect ice magic.

No no I like ice.

I’m just literally allergic to it.

Ya know

Cold blooded

Ice = @Cryonical = snow = rain = water vapor = 60% of your body
The last one makes you being allergic to ice impossible.

how are you allergic to ice

Ice makes me cold really easily

Temperature wise

You are still allergic to snow and Cryo.


But if I’m hooked up to a portable heater we still friends :hugs::smile:

Pretty sure his persona thing is a lizard, so he’d be cold blooded. Doesn’t necessarily make him “allergic” to ice though haha.

Ice is eh

It does tho I will die

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Go back to ice