I'd also like to introduce myself!

Hi! I’m Joshiba. I’m an aspiring game developer on Roblox and I like playing World of Magic/Arcane Odyssey. I use Lightning magic and I’ve been trying to get more involved with the community. You may know me as the one who previously ran AF1HD, or maybe the one who runs that one maid guild, but I often lurk on the forums a lot so I figured I might as well pop in and introduce myself. :slight_smile:


Welcome there


welcome to the forum, buddy.

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also, i uuh have a question.

whats AF1HD?

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Thank you for the welcome! AF1HD - short for Adventure Forward 1: Star Savior HD, was a remake of a popular classic Roblox platformer called Adventure Forward: Star Savior. Due to the creator’s termination and the game breaking over time, the game is unplayable so I was remaking the game and adding a lot more content with new characters and visuals (51 stars in the original to 120 stars in my remake). I’ve since sold the game due to mental health concerns and I’ve been working on establishing myself in other communities and working on some personal projects.

thats pretty cool!
i hope your future projects do well.

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Thank you. :slight_smile:

no problem.

Welcome! here is a welcome pie for extra welcome!

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forums and please try not to anger the forum gods like the last guy

Welcome to the arena

Your banana

Aspiring Dev? Plays WoM? Maybe a future WoM dev if Vetex ever decides to stop solo developing?

Vetex used to follow me on Twitter for my development stuff before I restarted my profile so… maybe! I’ve always wanted to work on a magic RPG.

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Very pog.


yo good luck with development