Idea: Gear Amulets (Basically ML Emblems)

In this game you should be able to hunt for various Gems scattered around chests and obtained by killing enemies. You can put 5 different types of gems you put on things called amulets to buff your stats. You can put them on yourself putting amulets on various accessories you put on yourself. There is a different limit to different types of accessories from one to three. Some examples include:

Tourmaline: Movement Speed
Spinel: Lifesteal
Garnet: Physical PEN
Ruby: Phyiscal Damage
Carnellian: Critical Damage
Agate: Attack Speed
Topaz: Physical Defense
Amber: Amplify Effectiveness
Cirtine: Max HP
Peridot: Cooldown Reduction
Emerald: Magic Defense
Jade: Spell Vamp
Aquamarine: Max Mana
Diamond: Magic PEN
Sapphire: Mana Regen
Tanzanite: Magic Damage
Amethyst: Crit Rate

You can upgrade the stats by fusing two gems into one gem so that you can get an additional buff. Some stats are 10/20/40 While others are 20/40/80. Keep in mind that all the Additions that gems give are ALWAYS in percentage, not a flat number. There will also be additional passive bonuses for putting an extremely specific order of gems, witch relate to a certain role in the standart 5v5 / 6v6 Game like Mobile Legends. These Examples include:

Bravery: The Amount of HP you have will increase your Physical Attack. (100 HP for 1% of Physical Attack to be sure) and Physical Damage will also increase by 15% for every 10% of Defense of any kind.

Tenacious: When you lose HP you will increase Physical and Magic Defense by 10% for every 10% of HP lost, and every Point of Physical or Magic Defense will give your team points that will increase the chance your a random teammate’s skill having a cooldown for a skill they have erased.

Cunning: Every Time you do a basic attack the next one will either be faster or will deal more damage. This can stack Nine times and the last one will be extra big so it can attack more than one person. (This can backfire if you have less than 25% Crit Damage and can potentially damage allies if you have less than 45% Crit Damage)

Selfless: Everytime you do a Basic Attack on an enemy your teammates attack on that specific enemy will inscrease by 5%. You migh aso mark your enemies witch will heal anyone that attackes a marked enemy.

Wisdom: When you deal a crit hit an enemy energy will be recharged and Cooldown will reset depending on the percentage of their HP you damaged (Every 1000 HP will retrieve you 10 Seconds of Cooldown, but it makes sure that it will retrive you at least one second)

Avarice: Everytime you deal damage to enemies there is a 15% chance that you can steal a certain amount of HP or Energy equevilent to 50% of the damage that attack (and It will do 75% if that hit was also a Crit Hit) and give that HP you stole from them to yourself.

PEN or Penetration will reduce the type of defense of an enemy corresponding with the type of Penetration when you deal more damage. Having lots of Penetration is epecially good for characters will high attack speed.
Spell Vamp and Lifesteal are supposed to take HP away from enemies depending on how much damage you deal. Spell Vamp is more Magic Damage characters while Lifesteal is for Physical Damage Characters.


Unfortunately suggestions are closed so this will prob get yoinked

steven universe killed cartoon network :upside_down_face:


What if we already have colorfull gems in AO?

cool idea, but i find these extremely grindy and the system for stats atm is good enough as it is
besides, it doesn’t make too much sense lore wise also. only sort of gems are the gems in amulets, which have to go through a process i dont remember the name of. cant use any sort of crystal, you get the idea

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brb gonna shove my overly large crystal blast in your mouth

Overall, I think this is a pretty cool idea. I don’t think it will be added because the game already has gems and amulets (though not in the way you described). Plus, adding another way of improving your stats will be even more confusing. We already have level, stat points, awakenings, gear, enchantments, etc.

What does that stand for?

What does that mean?

We don’t have crits in WoM, and I don’t think we’ll have them in AO. (For good reason. PVP should not be luck based).

this mf literally suggested a mechanic from Verdant Moon. This probably only came up because that got released recently


hypixel skyblock

verdant moon weapon argumentations

I decided to try playing verdant moon and 4 minutes in I started beating this level 44’s ass with just raw talent, for every 7 slashes or so they would get one slash on me, fought for like 5 minutes straight mf refused to die, then I proceeded to get jumped by a level 4 with a spear :sob:

That’s why it’s so good. It requires mechanical skill.
idk why he didn’t die though. the health boost quest isn’t that powerful.

And a pain in the fucking ass

don’t remind me.
Just know to not look at the ghosts (Keep the camera away, not your avatar), get the lantern quests done, and by the time you do that you should have enough parkour down to land it.

suggestions are closed

the fuck is a PEN?

There are no crits, your post that suggested crits was shut down.

the fuck is amplify?

HAHA, no

fun fact, there is only one type of defense. It ain’t magic.

The fuck is a spell vamp?


There are no crits.

This is a terrible idea simply because the Warden build exists. I rest my case

Reducing cooldown is a terrible idea.

nobody is gonna be able to hit someone with NINE MELEE HITS IN A ROW. This ain’t Verdant Moon pal, basic attacks are ass.

Healing will snap the game’s balancing like a fucking twig



Oh, I’ve already completed it, but the scars are still here.

PEN is a shortening for “penetration” I think?
Doesn’t make sense though, there’s no damage reduction in WoM or AO.
Spell Vamp would be magic energy theft.

Awakening buff for vitality classes but ya, don’t really get the point of penetrating 5% of players for their 20% resist.