Idea to Combat Exploiters and Trading to Their Main Accounts

If someone is banned for exploiting, then all items they originally owned (by said account) would be deleted. So for example if someone traded the exploited items to their main, they would be deleted once the exploiter is banned. Feel free to tell me what you guys think of this idea, good or bad.


There are both sides to this, as the exploiters would get all of their stuff removed as a punishment on top of getting the account banned, the same would happend to players that might be banned under false prof and thus removing all that they had by a mistake.

What I meant was removing only the items that were originally owned by the exploiter. My original idea was that they could be banned, but that would be used to frame people. Deleting the items originally owned by the exploiter seems to me like a more reasonable “punishment.” Also if this was somehow abused or couldn’t be added, then the another thing vet could do is add trade logs.


Technically people who traded their good stuff for exploited one would get even more screwed as they would lose whatever they traded for, but I still think it has a better positive aspect than a negative one if we consider it would only apply to people banned for exploiting items/chests or something similar.

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Maybe have items in the exploiter’s inventory that were originally owned by other people returned to them to mitigate the loss factor?

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This is where the trade log Insistic mentionned is needed, since, if there isn’t any, you can’t really know who traded what to the exploiter other than the fact it was originally owned by someone.

This is a good idea, but this is a double edged sword, what if someone gets banned my mistake? what if the player used to be a legitimate player before, and traded with other players? what would happen to the items that are now in their inventory?

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what if they traded these items to other actual players, and then suddenly the items disappear and the actual player lost an item without getting the item they wanted.

that’s a reason i suggested trade logs if something like this would be to harsh. but i’m sure some sort of system would be possible which allowed items originally owned by other people (in the exploiter’s inventory/having gone through the exploiter in trading) could be returned. this would be a sort of mini rollback, but that might be a bit too much work so i really don’t know. at the very least i think mods should have access to trade logs. this system could also work as an option when banning people, so that only people marked as exploiters while being banned have their stuff deleted, and the people they traded with having their stuff rolled back (only involving trades connected to the exploiter). tell me what any of you think about that as an alternative if it were possible.

i’m sorry if this is a bit hard to read or make sense of

I’d be up for this, even if it meant real players could lose their items at complete random chance. It would heavily deter exploiting.

That shouldn’t really be much of a problem as long as exploit bans are only done when people provide enough proof. That’s also why I suggested a button to mark a ban as for exploits, and only then would the items be deleted/rolled back. In the future I feel like exploiting will become less of a problem and this might not really even be needed, but it’s just an idea I had that could deter exploiters.

you should say that again after you lose your item. you cant just look at the statistics. you have to understand there are real innocent people taking heavy loses behind those statistics.

this is not a good idea. as someone who got falsely banned from automated anti chest exploiting when on open beta (I’m unbanned now), just the thought of losing hours of progress makes me disagree with this. someone who traded with exploiters without knowing they’re an exploiter will be affected too. adding a trade logs means storing more data into a player and probably will bloat player data over time, which unless vetex wants to spend more money on server just for trade logs, it won’t be added. there is too much problem to be worth it.

the only good point you have is making it impossible for exploiters to use alt account for exploiting item (which is a good thing ngl). but the side casualty is just too much.

there is no auto ban anymore, it just disables you from questing/using chests for 20 mins. bans are now only given manually so false bans shouldn’t be a problem. but other than that i can see where you’re coming from with the strain that trade logs might cause. i’m not too knowledgeable on that stuff so perhaps there’s an optimized way to do and perhaps there isn’t. again, the rollback idea would allow innocent players to get their items back.

or just y know, add more countermeasures against exploits and tweak the cheat detection system, that would work too allthough it’ll have to be updated constantly as hackers find more loop holes and exploits

yeah, that’s probably how things will go. this was just a rough idea/concept that i had and wanted to share.

i think having to constantly upkeep anti-cheat and having to study new exploits would take away the development time from the game and would prevent new content from being added. deleting anything that was owned by an exploiter’s account is probably the easiest solution there

I wasn’t suggesting people to be banned for accepting an exploiter’s trade.

almost sounds like you’re in support of exploiters :sleeper: