Ideas for lost / primordial magics based on cold

these are some ideas for cold-based primordial / lost magics that I came up with

blizzard magic(lost)

Blizzard magic would be a combination of snow and ice wind magic resulting in a powerful cold magic,its appearance would be similar to a white wind but with white particles around it, similar to today’s sand


Magic Damage above average 1.3

Magic Speed above average 1.1

magic mechanics

  • inflict the snowy state

  • creates ice shelves by colliding with water this would be about 50% smaller than ice / magma magic

  • create lots of snow

  • lowers target temperature on impact

  • reduces user temperature by charging magic energy

description of magic

blizzard magic:Magic capable of creating powerful blizzards can create normal and mastery abilities.

aurora magic(lost)

This magic consists of creating lights similar to the polar auroras, these lights would be very cold and fast, resulting in a kind of cold-based light magic.


Magic Damage below average 0.9

Magic Speed Very fast 1.5

magic mechanics

  • Blinds targets, limiting their view temporarily

  • lowers target temperature on impact

  • reduces user temperature by charging magic energy

bóreas Winter(primordial)

This is considered the oldest and most powerful of the magics based on cold, being the purest form of cold. This is the magic of the Greek god Boreas.

(I can’t think of statistics for this magic so I’ll go one with the mechanics)

Magics Mechanics

  • when it hits a surface, it turns it into ice, changing some things

  • The walls turned to ice become slippery, making climbing very difficult.

  • Floors turned to ice cause people to slide, making it difficult for the character to maneuver on the ground.

  • creates ice shelves on impact with the sea

  • inflict freeze state

  • reduces user temperature by charging magic energy

  • lowers target temperature on impact

Reason to add

Currently there are no primordial magics or cold-based losses

I think it’s unlikely a magic suggestion will pass but these are good ideas

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I’d rename Polar Aurora to just Aurora to make it sound a bit less scientific.

I really like Boreas Cold. I think the idea of turning the terrain into ice is a really creative way to add a new cold magic (which is desperately needed). My only critique is that the name “Cold” doesn’t sound very good. Maybe Boreas Winter or Boreas Snow/Ice or just Boreas.

Also I am legally obligated to vote for all cold-related magics.


itd be cool if the ice that ice magic creates when hitting the ocean was slippery too (idk if it already is or not)


that’s a good idea, I’ll put it

I’m surprised there wasn’t a suggestion for Dry Ice magic.

It’s an overpowered idea. Regular ice is cold at 32°F. Dry ice is extremely cold at -109°F.
Since dry ice is composed of carbon dioxide, it sublimates by releasing gas. If enough carbon dioxide gas is present, a person can become unconscious, and in some cases, die.

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Dry Ice doesn’t really occur much on earth, so it wouldn’t make sense for it to be an element. Besides, Dry Ice would just be a reskinned ice.

Wouldn’t Inferno Magic, Aether Lightning, and Aether magic be reskins as well?

Yeah, true. The difference is that Dry Ice wouldn’t have any unique effects whatsoever. At least those magics are a different color and have different abilities.

Yes it would. It would have white steam

You mean like ice magic?

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Yes but it stays

So steamier ice? I still don’t think that makes a very interesting lost magic. But, then again, mud magic exists.

  • This is my suggestion that got removed.
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You already made one and then it got closed.

Don’t suggest things that you already got punished for suggesting.

I’m aware that I already made this suggestion. I am not making another suggestion. Just wanted to reply to your misconception that dry ice is just “steaming ice with no added attributes,” by posting my suggestion that lists things goes against what you’re saying.

I think your suggestion is pretty good,although as odogus said :pensive:

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