If a twitter-like website was in the Arcane Universe, what would it be called?

you can also give names for other social media counterparts

YouTube: YouCast (I just took the title and magic-ified it)


witcher could work as a magic twitter

It’s called twitter because of the sound birds make

Someone ask Tech what sound a white eyes makes

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they dont make noises

the odyssey feed

idk a name but id like to imagine it has the phoenix magic icon as the logo

If the website is anything like twitter using the Phoenix Magic icon would be disrespecting Theos.



How does Arcane Odyssey exist in the universe that Arcane Odyssey takes place in?

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Well, Arcane Odyssey is Arcane Odyssey.

Facebook is Magictome
SoundCloud is SoundMagik

“grahhh grahh munch munch roarrr grahh grrrr munch”

fourth wall break + allusion probably

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Instead of Twitter it would be Pheonix

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clearly, they bark.