If any magic had any usefulness irl, what do you think they can be used for?

i’ll start mines off: water magic for filling up the pool because you gotta chillax in the pool somehow

Depends would we only be allowed to shoot beams and orbs like in the game?besides using magic for war I’d think earth would be good if we could actually build with it if we could only uses beams and orbs lightning would be cool if we have devices to control the current and voltage. If people had Gold and metal magic they would basically be rich and thingslike light and shadow would be super weird and new things in physics would probably appear

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Light Magic so they can be randomly blinded and so that I can get out of awkward situations

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Gold, cause then I could be filthy rich :nod:

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The government might take you and endlessly farm you for the resource you provide, especially depending on which country you’re in.

Iron and open a factory, be richer than gold cuz it wouldn’t crash the market as fast.

Time to spam self explosions

I’d say something about shadow, but it’s uses are so niche that it just isn’t worth talking about.

I think mastery fire control could be useful irl. Want to cook something, but you don’t have a lot of time? No problemo

same thing of you but instead of water, acid :poggers2:

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yea it also sounds like a good liquid to fill up the pool with
slight discomfort

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if ash magic were used in irl war it would be a war crime

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I thought of these magics for everyday use and for fun

Fire: Winter is coming. Great to warm yourself up.
Lightning: Phone battery is dying? No problem, send a small shock and be at 100%. (Explosions is likely)
Wind: You’re hot? I know I am. I’m always hot af. Cool yourself down with a light breeze and invisible punch your enemies.

@quest5 hey uh my phone is at 3% can you help me charge it up

Yeah sure no problem


wood element…
Make wood

thanks i appreciate it :chill:

Diamond Magic cause I can be even filthier rich than you.

And yes we’re bringing Primos and Lost Magics into the equation.

:water_magic_var1: water magic :water_magic_var1: D R I N K :cup_with_straw:

:light_magic_var1: Light magic :light_magic_var1: lighting up a place :flashlight:

Drink water, cook with fire, paint/write with ink, build with stone/iron/gold/crystal/glass/sand/wood, demolitions with explosion, food preservation with ice, ash could be fertilizer or depending on what it’s made of can be used to filter water, electricity can charge things, light is good for lighting things up, everything can be used for murder, wind can be used to cool or warm people down, plasma can make cool plasma globes, paper is paper, and acid could make some really cool etchings or anything acid does.