If I eat my own dead skin, is it considered cannibalism?

I’ve had this question for a very very long time and gotten multiple answers however I haven’t been satisfied with any of them. What do you think, is it not cannibalism is it cannibalism or is it both…?

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no, in the same way that killing yourself isn’t really seen as homicide.

people like making distinctions between self-sustained harm and other forms of harm, too, so…

it’s almost like when one mentions an action that inflicts harm, except if that action has very strong connotations with self-harm (i.e. hanging), it is almost always assumed that said action is inflicted on another and not one oneself except when the word specifies/suggests that the harm is self inflicted

i think that goes for most actions now that i think of it


idk bro, it’s a google search away

No. It’s called being a freak.

So, if I decided to eat my own flesh it would NOT be cannibalism, and instead it would simply be an act of self sustenance.