If i were about to get Primordial Magic or Magical legendary item

If i got the most wanted Primordial Magic or/and Magical legendary item

How much hate would be on me from all across WoM community?


if we get to the update which adds primordial magic or/and legendary items, how much hate would be on me if i got one or two?

i’ve already experienced having sunken very early on and being chased by server once they found out

No one would get mad at you for getting a rare item unless you dupe it or intentionally flex it.

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i don’t think you get it.
read my name

yeah idk what this thread is and i seriously doubt an entire server chased you for having an item

ok but like remind me, who asked?
nobody cares if someone has something.


if it was the case, i would not make those views about sunken sword

it just shows that people really care who got what when it comes to rarity of the item

dude u sound like u just wanted to flex your catch cous ur friends wont take it anymore

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In your dreams. You have a big and imaginative ego. I don’t like that.

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That’s ironic coming from someone like you. No offense.

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none i guess, unless you decided to be a dick and so it off to everyone you come across.

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I think you maybe meant jealousy or envy or something, why would someone hate you for being lucky? I don’t understand

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im pretty sure u already did that with the active forum part of the game

ehhhh i am pretty confused about this topic. This post is sounding like you just wanted attention .-. Why would someone be mad that you get a good item