If tgr wasnt planned would the strength update be out?

title explains it ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ :zipper_mouth_face: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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strength update?

combat update with the fighting styles i assume

yeah fighting styles and such was planned before tgr iirc

except the stuff in tgr no idea if any of those wouldโ€™ve been implemented if tgr wasnโ€™t a thing

no i mean if tgr didnt exist would combat update be done

the actual answer is nobody knows but itโ€™s cool to think about where the game would be if vetex never had that shower and kept the game as one continent


Well we need more showers then XD, oh wait no if he does more shower he will have more ideas and the game will never come out

If the tgr wasnโ€™t planned weโ€™d have the desert part of the map by now.

if vetex was an average smash player we would have primordials as of now

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