If you got struck by lightning, how did it happen?

I’ll start. I was in a vc with guildmates, hunting bosses. As we were waiting for a boss to spawn, some lightning struck the nearby ocean. I called out “I’m going to be struck by lightning” and jumped into the waters. Seconds later I got struck.


By being struck by lightning.

went to grab a chest then got struck

I was swimming and just as I stepped on land I got struck and flung back into the ocean. I drowned and lost 100 crowns :frcryin:

I went afk to read the game Trello and I got earraped by a lightning strike, clicked back and saw I was missing hundreds of hp.

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Lose around 500 hp and just get the badge
I got it by walking to it and got struck by luck

I was fishing for halloween items, alt tabbed to check discord, ears were blasted by lighting, came back, missing 200+ health.

Well i tried to get struck by lightning for get the badge but when i’m in storm lightning avoid me does water increase lightning range ?