If you had a superpower from an anime, what would it be?

Title says it all.

For me, it would be the bari bari no mi

Probably nen or alchemy considering those two anime have one of the best power systems I’ve ever seen currently.

Stands, because I wouldn’t mind having either any of the busted stands or Hey Ya

Definitely the same powers as Saiki K.

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pretty much anything fire related just not sure from what series

any shounen characters determination (or plot armour)

but if i actually got to pick i’d probably pick something with utility purpose like crazy diamond since i break shit a lot

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Giving a fuck

i think that’s an ability in anime tbh

from an anime . . . ? uh . . . maybe Creation from bnha (or All For One if others with powers exist)

either that or the most broken form of shapeshifting in anime history idk. closest thing to that would be me being born as a Parasyte that eat the entirety of one’s body so that i am entirely invulnerable and in control

I want plot armour that every anime main character has.

for me it’s devil fruits, they let you do cool stuff like turn into a element or become immortal and such, and the only thing I have to worry about is large bodies of water.
But why not something like stands, well it’s the little thing called “attracting other stand users” meaning I have to deal with that, bleach’s hollow-fication sounds good but both the dying part and being hunted like an animal turns me off, Aka I don’t like powers that attracts to to other people or draws attention, in the one piece world yeah devil fruits are rare but in certain areas are common, like British people going to America, a gun is unheard of in England, but here it’s as common as dirt.


reality bending

im sure there is atleast one char in anime who can do that

Plot armor (that never expires)


plot armor

I haven’t watched any anime but I’d like the ability to walk backwards through time like Tenet.


ultra instinct

Invisibility quirk so that I can walk outside naked.

death note so i can get rid of him^ again.

Heaven’s Door from JJBA
stupid overpowered

you can do nearly anything with it

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I see.