If you had or have enough Robux, which WoM game pass would you buy?

  • Aura Gamepass - Causes the last magic you had selected to display its charging effects alongside your first magic’s.
  • Animation Packs Changes a lot of your characters’ animations to fit a different style. Ideas (or ones that are already added): Ninja, Cute, Coward, Boss
  • Better Bank - Any time you get Crowns while at max crowns, they are automatically sent to your bank. This game pass also Doubles the amount your bank can store.
  • Scar Gamepass - Allows you to save and reset the current scars on your characters body so that they’re there permanently.
  • Emote Pack - Unlocks more emotes that are added to the emote UI: Bow, Flex arms, Hug, Kneel, Sit ups, Laugh, Dab, Pray
  • Increased Auction Time - Allows you to keep items in the auction house for another 24 hours before they are returned to you.
  • XP Boosters - 50% more XP gain from every source, buyable in increments of different times. Will only count down while you’re in-game.
  • Builds/Outfits - Allows you to select any equitable items, weapons, tools, armor, accessories, and put them into a preset/build/outfit that can be equipped on the fly. This would probably be under store and you click on outfits, which shows your saved outfits. Clicking create new would bring you to your inventory where you can select the items you want to put into that outfit, and a save button at the bottom.

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I’m so getting the Aura game pass

It’s weird how some of them are literally there to make your life easier and sound like they should be here in the first place.
I’m looking at you Outfits

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Exp boosters bad. Never add them.

The goal for monetization in this game is to sell a lot of visual/cosmetic things and NOTHING that affects gameplay.




The outfits gamepass should be a thing for everyone or would be similar to the extra slot gamepass.

Answering the poll though I choose better bank unless I have enough robux for xp boosts for life.

Oop forgot to remove XP boosts because it’s not a gamepass

what if we had interest for banks

Better bank cause walking sucks that’s why i’m still a loser who’s still inside

aura or emote pack because i like flex

I don’t see the “3 more slots” gamepass on there otherwise that’s what I would’ve chosen for a simple reason, More slots and I can show that I’m a pre-release player, and still have my Doomarian character, Skylian Character, New Greek Character, and my New Vikings Character.

Definitely going for better bank, but things like Aura charging and Animation Packs look tempting as well

I think xp boosters would give some players an unfair advantage. Other than that I like the rest of these ideas

Aura gamepass 100%, Now I can recreate super saiyan blue kaioken.
I might get better bank too.

I would’ve edited it up there but I can’t change a poll after the first 5 minutes for some reason

Oof, that’s too bad.

wheres the extra slots

Obviously outfits. Maximum flexibility. Getting random attacked? Run behind a tree, equip your max agility build and run! Wanna go high damage? Throw on a power build. Other than that I want more animation packs. Scars would also be really cool (If they include magic scars aswell like charred, inked, etc)

I had forgotten to add it in sorry