If you were the CEO of ROBLOX, what would you do?

the title says it all.

  • buy better servers
  • enhance the engine
  • hire professional mods
  • community suggestions.
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better servers, better engine, listen to the community, make every employee cover themselves in oil

make it where ppl can actually recover accounts easily and not be locked behind a 2 step that wont send

that aside the typical better servers, and a lot of quality of life changes, and make sure everyone in staff involved is doing well aa

make it run better

The problem with buying better servers is you have to consult your financial department first, then an engineering department and if Roblox doesn’t gain money from buying better servers, they have no reason. They will be expanding their servers to places without servers though.

Improve the stinky LuaVM because I’m positive it’s the root of all the performance problems.

Reject portability, compile to assembly.

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Hire better moderators who don’t allow scam ads and games. Have no idea why the current moderation sucks so much :frcryin:

get rid of that pos chat filter so we can type in numbers without having to add some bullsht prefix “cm” or “cash” whenever we need to.

(This goes for the <13 accounts who don’t know how to turn the chat filter off. I actually need to communicate with people on my team or group)

im surprised none of you said that you would promote the hidden gems of roblox more if you were the ceo, like what they do on their twitter

Do nothing, the game makes a fuckload of money as it is rn and I could just be lazy

its only the most economical choice
also pump out like, 1000 new cosmetics because why not

Not make useless updates

not the last bit cause community suggestions are shit

  • listen to complaints

  • modernize developer tools

bring bak tix

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If I was the CEO of ROBLOX, I would hire image mods with at least 1 brain cell

[makes whole argument as to why tix being removed was a good idea even though I have tix bought items]

Learn on how to be a real CEO and start to take more responsiblity to keep Roblox alive

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this right here

the por people needs tix im sory