If you were to be incredibly famous/infamous for one thing, what would it be?

T-34/76’s Serenade for Forumers in C Major, FML 999
2nd Movement (Medieval Fantasy Gang Shit Time pt. 2)

Going off of my last thread asking about what 4 powers you want to wield: what is your impact on the minds of others? What do you use your new abilities for? To cast certain monsters of the lands into the flame of perdition? Or pursuing world conquest?

Also, make up a title for yourself but it has to be correlated to what you’re known for. Example:

Title: The Deathsinger
Fame/Infamy: Used powers to bring death to the world. Has killed tens of thousands of people with his sword and abilities, he displays more combat skill than seemingly anyone else. Even the most powerful rulers and fighters hesitate to take him on. Motives are unclear, but he seems to just murder everyone he sees, whether it be criminals, citizens, soldiers, or civilians.

Creating a foundation with facilities dedicated to storing furries and performing tests on them

will it involve how to kill furries the fastest way 100% working not patched 20xx?

time to sound edgy here but hey, I gotta utilize my reputation

“The Cupid of Hatred”

Utilizing and twisting their creation ability of love, they have caused pain and torture the people by toying around with their creations, in the name of simping / shipping / love.


Yo btw speaking of love

cute way of proposing to someone :>

what server is that wtf

vetex server

死神 (sǐ shén)

A child of the fabled 滔天人 (Tāo-Tiān Rén) cursed with the possession of the mythically destructive and powerful Promethean Phoenix. With the “Master of Elementals” within her, she’s able to summon any Elemental at will, allowing for beautiful advancement and growth as well as devastatingly catastrophic horrors.


You know Macobre, Closer of Posts sounds better but I can go with that


idk man

you never realize how lame you are until someone asks you a question like this


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famous for inventing a prison for furries

Title: The Discrimin-ator

Fame/Infamy: Uhhhhh

I uhhhhh

i want to be famous for being very nice

Title: Unhuman
Fame/Infamy: Lacking expression and qualities of a human being.

my lack of pvp skills and the enigma that is i suck at pvp but i co own one of the best guilds

what has this thread become

stole my idea

most certainly

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