I'm a Berserker and a One Piece Fan

I’m a Berserker main and a One Piece fan and I chose Iron Leg and Thermo Fist (thinking they would combine so I could be like Sanji) and they didn’t :raised_hand: :tired_face: :raised_back_of_hand:

I still have that teenage brain so I think of somebody bad whenever I see this face since I always see it used the wrong way

You should’ve made a warlock with fire magic

perhaps in the future fighting styles will be able to combine (this has no basis and is nonsense i made up)

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this would be a lot cooler than just getting a third slot that will probably never be used

Style combining would be a far cooler 2nd awakening for berserker

what about both?

this man is breaking out of the matrix

well i mean warlocks and conjurers already get 3 things and combining, so berserkers and mages getting it doesn’t sound too out of this world

This is kind of random, but a reminder to everyone to never do a Sanji build. Let’s just say It really wasn’t as good as I thought it was going to be.