Im a little confused

On the wiki, it says that iron magic will be removed and gold will replace it, does that mean that iron magic will stay? or does it mean that gold and iron will be combined to make new magic? How about iron being removed completely to make room for gold? I’m a lil confused, can anyone pls clarify. Thanx :}

Gold and iron are being combined into metal magic, which will have the stats of iron, and the variants of both iron and gold. paper and ink will also be removed.


gold is gone
iron is metal
no more ink and paper

when you enter AO you will be given a chance to repick magic

also, in new update will u be able to choose 2 different magics? im just wondering what will be a good combo with shadow (i have atm) so i think i kinda need one that hits harder but idm about speed, any suggestions?

you will start with one magic but then you get your 2nd magic in during storyline (soon)

Pog, should i pick crystal or metal? what will go well with shadow?

choose whatever really, Shadow doesnt fit with any magic

though it has negative synergy with Crystal, Light and Ice

What would u choose? im also thinking what colours or stat afects will go well with it .-.

I would personally go with Fire with Shadow really, solely because throwback to my Arcane Adventures Magic Combo

Wind is a good option as well

ash, because big clouds

I see how you could’ve been confused, but gold (not iron) is being replaced.