Im a savant main, ask questions if you want

ive got like 140 hours in total and 100 of those are WoM but if you have questions i have answers maybe

Advantages of being a savant? I think I’ll try to do savant on a future file

not much but you can do a lot of status effects (thermo fist sunken sword ice magic ash magic for double stun) and you get access to everything technically so you can create a lot of builds based around one thing. there are right now not many advantages of savant though

why did you pick savant

best spread for an explosion savant that wants to lean on the magic side?


because i have great plans, poison and acid magic (maybe healing or regeneration) iron leg (impact fist poison imbue) poison tooth dagger (acid imbue) poison arcanium katana (acid imbue) poison arcanium bowstaff (acid imbue)

DoT Plus added damage from Terrain and synergies

umm, leaning toward magic (as long as you dont go above 40% right) than maybe 100 100 50 because chared makes heat stronger right (looked up it appears to get the chance for petrified with fire so thermo fist is good)? so you have access to multi blast 2nd magic and explosion maybe. 100 strength for thermofist because heat. 50 for weapons because old weapons.

idk if this answers your question nor if this works. if not it would make you warlock in which you could go 99 magic 101 strength or 51 weapon. you would lose out on second magic explosion style i think though not to mention this is just warlock with weapons

ye people say 100 100 50 is the best build currently

yet im running 84 83 83 (on accident i want 90 80 80, 90 magic no vit)

hope that answers your question though as it gives you a reason use a FS (if you dont use a fire magic) and you might want to use a heavy shield and katana, as well as dual swords for the teleports and other range attacks possibly

armor wise likely full sunken and calvus accessories for AoE defense and power

100 100 50 isnt a savant build

Mf 100 100 50 isn’t even savant

yeah it is

fine worst case I’ll go 90 magic 60 weapons 100 str

thats tame ngl i got 60 vit 100 magic 50 wep 40 str :skull: (couldve taken out 10 out for vit and str to get double beam for magic, since that 40 extra hp aint worth it and i found out that disabling knockback isnt a necessity)

It isn’t, it becomes a hybrid, mf has never touched savant a day in his life

I tried it with light but it really sucked and then I made it into a shadow warlock

I think the magic was the issue

also why so on the offensive bruh :fr:

Can’t spell level without the Ls

because that’s just eve.