I'm back, in a way?

So I once was an avid forum poster back in 2020. Late that year I became a tester and stopped being active on these forums. Well now I’m back. . . kind of. I was just wondering what everyone is up to? How’s it been?


Welcome back :clap:

Have you still been testing the game while off the forums?

I dunno, I’m sort of new, but we broke the website, we made Vetex mad alot and made Femtexs

You are a tester ? tell me when Mind Magic will release, I must know this well-guarded secret

That’s nothing new. It’s been happening since the very creation of the forums. :sleeper:

Hello there! You’ve missed a lot.

Breaking to website by reaching 10k replies is new

Yep been doing some testing here and there

I’ve never heard of this magic tbh. . .

Yeah this has been going on for a while lmao

its ezia’s oc magic that they obsess over


Well theres not much going in forum, its way less active
Oh we also managed to make vetex remove the entire magic list

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Welcome back!
Leave! Quickly! Or the void will consume you!

While you were away, I hath ascended into heaven to take on the mantle of Jade Emperor.

Welcome back.

oh yeah right the fucking era of vetex being gender bended to being a female

welcome back

welcome back, old friend!

Who dis