Imagine how much a headless will be worth a year from now

How much do you guys think a headless will be worth a year from now?

i dont know the monthly value increase for seasonals so i cant answer this one

Don’t care. Never gonna use one.

I imagine it will reach its cap price well before then (assuming a year after ao releases, not right now) because I deem it super unlikely that the headless will infinitely increase in value contrary to what others think, I’ve talked about this stuff before but ima just say it again, it’s nigh impossible to predict the future market since AO is still quite a bit away and things are always getting added/tweaked, we pretty much can’t predict ANYTHING somewhat accurately until AO is near release, even then what stuff will have high/low demand will be uncertain as well.

All of that being said, I can’t give any predictions other than what I think the max price of headless will be, which I think is that 2-3 will be worth lost magics/fighting styles, whether it’ll take a year or 2 or 3 or if it even will get that high or even higher is hard to tell.

It will end after expnentially increasing.

I doubt it’ll exponentially increase in value other than the release of AO unless vetex will have large hiatuses in development of AO too, I personally think it will increase gradually at a decent ish pace every somewhat major update, assuming the updates won’t come out like every week (which they probably won’t unless vetex is superman or smth)

But I do agree that it will flatten out, and I think kinda quickly.

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3 Human Kidneys + 2 live babies


With AO releasing and the playerbase increasing the demand for the item is surely going to increase. The supply can only go down with people losing them via glitches, file deletion, losing interest, etc.

The only issue is most players, new and current, don’t even know the headless exists so this new playerbase might not even seek it out. So the aforementioned increased demand is possibly not even going to come, or be that significant.

Minor increase if anything though I still see it being a top-tier item due it’s unique and sought after vanity and limited supply.


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