Immense magic energy change

So the idea of only causing destruction while charging isn’t very satisfying to me so I thought hey why not add a one piece idea.

The upcoming plan for low levels to have a text pop up that a higher level is nearby is cool but what if on top of that having the lost spell ‘immense magic enegry’ would cause nearby player to be force on one knee for a duration of 5-10 seconds.
Will have a cool down of 3 minutes and the range will be the same range as being able to see player tags but just an idea.

Basically a WoM version of conquerors haki

The Idea is good but again it’s a fast pace game in PvP and PvE so I’d say 1-3 seconds.

Also change the Topic to #suggestions, Not #game-discussion:pvp (I think your Idea needs to be seen that’s why :wink: )

This can be a Passive Skill (Making this a new Lost skill) like I would call it OverRuled (Just some random name that came to my mind, you decide a fitting one. Make sure it’s not same as the names of the Magics listed in Trello please!)

Good Luck!

Thanks for reading

this just sounds like something that’s going to be used to RK low levels. Why would you ever even need this, if you want to murder level 10s you can just oneshot them. Also, this isn’t the suggestions tab.

If this works on players of equal level, it’s an “every 3 minutes i get to auto win a fight”

just sounds like a bad idea all together.

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