In my opinion wom rn is grindy

Right now so far in wom all we get to do is lvl up then do another quest then lvl up in my oppinion this just makes the game bland for a bit and i might just get good armor and lvl 60 then take a break untill the next area comes out and grind again i want to play the game and not for it to feel like a chore. What do you think though?


Yeah, it is kinda grindy. Luckily, the game is in development and things like a main quest line are on their way.

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yeah atleast but dont you think release was kinda rushed?

The release of the game was very hyped and if it took any longer the game would’ve lost a lot of that hype. The game is still fun as is, but I feel like this is less of a release and more of a public beta.


who cares, is still funny

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yeah atleast the hype is still there but it may die down a bit soon if there isint as much
content to keep us in i mean wom for me the engame might be to make a guild but im not sure what vetex will do to give high lvl players in the game

yeah it is kinda grindy but soon there will be a main storyline

Right now the main way of varying gameplay is to try different reputations and magics. It’s something but hopefully the fishing update will add more variety.

it is indeed grindy, however this is just v1 of the game. Next update will include fishing and every update after that will include more fun stuff to do.


thanks for atleast clarifying that i was a bit worried that this would be the rest of the game a grind fest

I’ll admit that I was a little disappointed by the lack of new things to do in the game with the release, but vetex is still obviously working on the game and updates will continue to improve the game and expand on the current mechanics and gameplay. It may be a little boring or monotonous to play now, but I have high hopes for what vetex has in store for the game that will make it more of an adventure rather than just a simple grind.


i can agree but still a bit disappointed

This game has a lot of potential, we just have to wait and enjoy what we have.

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All I do in WoM is farm chests/crowns, enchant, amd repeat. It feels completely RNG dependant and just repeat the cycle until you get the items you want.

I think the grind right now is ok, it only takes a few hours of doing quests to get to a high level. I feel grind is only bad if the quests are doing the exact same thing in the same area Over and Over and OVER again like other games do with their quests. Atleast with this your moving around and quests arent from the same npc, they are varied in what they want you to do as well

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I agree with you there. The lack of a main storyline makes the game bland and repetitive. Hopefully we get a main storyline soon!!! I don’t want my character to be level 100 but to not even have started a main story…

I think you can start to collect all the variations of all the items. (in short: an item collector)

Nah, basically the main part of the game is PvP and balancing that aspect comes first. Even then, in my opinion the quests aren’t grindy because you can literally get max level in a few hours compared to other mmo’s. If you really feel that the grind aspect should be eliminated or be made easier, maybe you are better off playing some other games which you don’t have to dedicate any time to. The system right now is much, much better than aa where you could get max in a day, and therefore is much more rewarding.

I agree that the game is grindy, but unlike other games the grind isn’t completely unbearable. I’m looking foward to fishing so that we have other things to do.

I mean, idk what to say. WoM is designed just like WoW and other MMORPGs. By their very nature, MMORPGs are grindy. I still have lots of fun just exploring the map, chest hunting, doing quests for money, and enchanting. Then again, I’m used to playing lots of MMORPGs. They plan to add other stuff in the future. Either way, it’s still gonna end up grindy cause the max level cap is estimated at Level 5,000. Gotta grind to get that high lol.

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