Infamy - The Rules

It has been a while since I played, and I logged on and started infamy farming. I killed a guy who is lvl 79, and in a guild, but didn’t get infamy. What is the issue? I checked the wiki and didn’t see any reason that I shouldn’t have gotten infamy.

they need to be max level


The only issue is skill issue


The problem:


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infamy is getting reset in AO i think, doesnt really mean anything farming infamy right now

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They need to be max level, but my question is why the fuck are you farming infamy its being reset in AO don’t waste your time it’s not worth it everything is meaningless infamy grinding will take away your flesh and soul and stretch it down to the depths of hell


why would you grind for infamy its literally the most un fun thing you could do in this game

Damn now i feel weird for enjoying it

as you should

You are :neutral_face:

your mom
I mean what

lv 89 guild members/leaders below don’t give off infamy

I mean I only get infamy sometimes for practice since I’m ass in PVP

Arent we all?

Thanks yall for all the advice. My only question is what is the infamy reset? Are they removing infamy as a feature or only taking away ppl’s infamy?

They’re wiping all guild data next update. Of course you can just remake your guild, but it’s something to think about when you farm infamy.

plus there’s no real reason to care if you weren’t on leaderboard anyway