Ink magic aint too hot right now

Ink magic is supposed to impair their vision right, well i’ve tested it with a friend of mine and those are the results.

thats from hitting once with ink magic

5 Hits

About 10 to 14 hits.
Im supposed to hit that many for my blinding to have any actual effect on the enemy player.
compared to for example fire which i’ve also done some testing with annother person with us having exactly 66 power both, i did 139 damage + the nonexistant blinding on 1 projectile
While the person i was conducting the test with also hit me for 139, BUT there also was DOT damage worth 13 per 5 tick, which is 204 in total. I know that fire magic is supposed to be more offensive thank ink, but damn. Im not saying that Fire is overpowered and should be nerfed, im saying that ink effect is totally nonexistant and should see some changes in the future.

Have you tried using multiple shots to a player? Say firing and landing 20 bolts of ink magic could get the effect to come to use faster.

Ink magic projectiles arent the fastest, using more than 3 would just expose you to crossbows or bows, and besides its silly easy to avoid projectiles + there are alot of terran that you can use as cover such as buildings trees etc. and ink magic IS NOT GOOD at destroying those. and explosions cost 90 mana, even if i were to use 3 duration ones i would meaby hit one, and the dude would just run away untill the effect wears off without any way for me to reapply the effect.

As using multiple shots would work, I guess the cons would outweigh the pros.