Insane Fist (Fighting Style Idea)

Insane Fist, a very risky Fighting Style that focuses on harnessing your “insanity” to use it against others

Insane Fist starts off weak with an empty meter, but gets stronger when the meter is full, like Thermo and Sailor

You build up the meter by experiencing insanity, stronger insanity effect will fill the meter more, the meter will not fill at all and will remain useless if you have no insanity, Having insanity passively fills the meter, stronger insanity level fills the meter quicker

When you hit an opponent with this, they will feel the insanity effect too, even if they themselves does not have insanity active

When the meter is at max, it will be visually signaled by the player’s eyes glowing bright purple

Higher insanity effects fills the meter more, and you lose part of the meter everytime you attack, like Sailor

At high level, Insane Fist will have a shadow effect

You need to feel the insanity effect, so if you nullify it with Warding, it won’t work

could grant some damage reduction the higher the meter is so you dont
just die. Caps out at 50% though. it could also just increase the lower your health is.

Impact Fist

My dumbass forgot it existed, had to come up with a new FS entirely

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